Noah (Russell Crowe) lives with his wife Naameh (Jennifer Connelly) and his sons Shem (Douglas Booth), Cam (Logan Lerman) and Japheth (Leo McHugh Carroll) in a desolate land where men persecute and kill each other.

One day, Noah receives a message from the Creator that must find Methuselah (Anthony Hopkins).

Noah Torrent


In the beginning there was nothing. The story of Noah in Genesis begins well before the famous meeting of the divine animal before the flood, in order to associate it with the original sin. It is the theft of the forbidden apple that begins grim reality, where the descendants of Cain resulted in a violent and selfish civilization. To “cleanse” the earth came the great flood that covered the continents. A new beginning, a purification that brings the intriguing question: is there room for humanity in it? 


More than just take the biblical story to the big screen, director Darren Aronofsky is interested in discussing is the position of the human being before this “final judgment” under the most diverse aspects. The most explicit is the hand of faith that borders on fanaticism, represented by the title character himself. The unshakeable belief of Noah to follow God’s design makes it not only build the famous ark, but also set aside hundreds - thousands? - Of human lives begging for a spot on the vessel, bringing the character a moral dubiousness that can yield a good controversy. Is even more intense the conflict experienced by Noah after the flood, a surprising subplot that arouses many questions about the human being. 

During the journey he ends up saving the life of the young Ila (Emma Watson), who has a serious wound in the belly. By finding Methuselah, Noah discovers he has the task of building a huge ark, which will house the animals during a flood that will end life on earth, so that the vision of the Creator may be, finally rescued.